Taxes for 2016

f1040nre        This is a direct link to the 2016 tax form if you want to start on your tax returns.

Instructions for 1049NR EZ form  These are the instruction for the Form.

Fill out the top portion of the form with the proper information.
Line 3.  You only ONLY count the working weeks you were actually working.  If you were in transition and did not work, you do not count those weeks.  You do not count the week you were at the school.

Put this number on line 3, 7, 10, 12.

Line 13 is your personal deduction.  4,050.   If you made this much or less, you do not need to go further because you did not make enough. If you made more than this, let keep going.

Subtract the 4,050 from the total wages you made in 2016.

Line 15 comes from the table at the end of the tax instruction book.

Line 16 should be 0.

This number will also go into line 25.

If you made 9,000.00 – 4,040= 4950.00

You would owe 498.00

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